Office Policies

Practice Policies



In order to stay on time and provide the most comprehensive care for our patients, we require that all appointments be scheduled. You may call our office from 7:30am-4:00pm Monday through Friday.

With great effort, we try to see patients who are SICK on the same day. Please call between 7:30am-9:00am for the best chance of being seen that day.

Please be on time for your appointment. We request that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled time in order to complete the check-in process.  Our providers make every effort to be on-time during the day, but emergencies and complicated care issues do arise.  We appreciate your patience during these times.

During inclement weather please call the office or check the website to make sure we are open. We do our best to contact patients who have scheduled appointments, to inform them of any office closings.

We require 24 hour notice if you are unable to keep an appointment with our office. This is in order to be able to offer that appointment time to another patient who may be in need of care.  There is a $50 charge for any missed physical, ultrasound, surgery, or treadmill appointment.  There is a $25 charge for any missed office, nurse, or lab visit.  These charges will be your responsibility and billed directly to you.  Please help us to serve you better by keeping your regularly scheduled appointment.  Any balance accumulated because of a missed appointment fee will need to be paid before scheduling another appointment.

Messages and Call Backs

We want to provide the best in patient care and desire to have any questions or concerns attended to in a timely manner. Our message and call back policy is designed so that we can address patient messages accordingly while still allowing providers the time needed to deliver focused quality care that patients need during office visits.  Our message and call back policy is as follows:

Non-Urgent message may be left on your provider’s nurse’s voicemail. You may reach this voicemail by calling  our main number at 919-858-8360 and following the prompts to reach your provider’s nurse.  We do our absolute best to return calls the same day, however we do request 24-48 hours before you try calling back.

If you are calling because your symptoms are not improved or are worsening our providers require you to schedule another appointment in order to reassess your condition and determine if your diagnosis or treatment plan needs to be adjusted.

If you call after business hours the phone recording will provide you with information on how to reach the on-call provider. If you have an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Lab and Diagnostic Imaging Results

We will contact you with results of any labs or diagnostic imaging that we have ordered. We will either mail you a copy or call you with those results.

Certain testing may take up to a week to produce a result. After this it has to be reviewed by your provider.  Therefore, we do ask if you have not been notified of your results within two weeks that you please contact our office.

All appointments for lab work must be accompanied by or followed up with an office visit unless specifically stated otherwise by the provider. Results will not be provided otherwise.

We do not perform laboratory testing for other providers. If you are given a lab order from another physician or another physician would like you to have certain testing performed you will need to go to an outpatient lab service center such as Lab Corp or Quest Diagnostics in order to get that testing done.

Prescription Refills

Prescription refill requests should be called in to your provider’s nurse by the patient or the pharmacy. We do not accept fax refill requests from the pharmacy, therefore if you ask the pharmacy to request the refill make sure to inform them of this fact.  Otherwise, they will attempt to fax us causing your prescription to not filled.  Please allow 48 hours for medication refills to be called in.  Contact our office at least a week before your medication runs out to avoid missing any doses.

Certain medications require regular monitoring in order for our office to prescribe them.  Therefore you may need to schedule an office visit for certain refills.

Our providers will not call in antibiotics over the telephone. They feel it is important that we correctly diagnose you to prescribe medications.  This requires them to physically see you in the office and perform a full assessment.

We do not call in or fax prescription refills to mail order pharmacies. It is our office policy for the patient to mail their prescriptions in themselves.  Please make your provider or nurse aware that you prescription needs to be written for a 90 day supply.

Certain controlled substances cannot be called in to the pharmacy and you will need to pick up the prescription and turn it in to the pharmacy yourself. In addition since these types of medications are monitored very closely if you lose your prescription or the medication itself we will not be able to rewrite a new prescription for you.


If a provider refers you to a specialist we have a specific protocol for those referrals.

If it is a type of specialist that does not require information from our office in order to schedule your consult you will be given a list of offices that we refer to in order for you to contact that office and schedule your own appointment.

If it is a type of specialist that does require documentation from our office then you will need to be seen in our office first, if you have not been seen for the problem already. We must wait for the provider’s office note and any lab work or diagnostic imaging that you may have had to return in order to send a referral to the specialist.  They themselves will contact you to schedule a consult.  Please allow 2 weeks for this process.  If you have not heard from the specialist’s office by that time please contact our office so that we may check on the status of your referral.

Some insurance plans require an authorization from our office in order for you to see a specialist. If that is true for your insurance plan please make our office aware so that we can obtain that authorization before you see the specialist.  As with the referral we must have seen you for the problem in order for us to obtain insurance authorization.  These authorizations do take time, therefore we require at minimum 3 days notice before your visit to see the specialist; otherwise, the specialist’s charges will be your financial responsibility.

Medical Records and Forms

Copying and transfer of medical records requires a signed release by the patient. There is a pre-payment required before records can be copied.  The fee to pick up your medical records is $25.  If you want your medical records mail then the fee is $28.  Once payment is received please allow 7 days to copy and mail records or if you would like to pick them up we will contact you once they are ready.

We will complete forms for sports physicals, FMLA, work physicals, and short term disability. Depending on the amount of time involved in completing the forms there may be a form completion fee of $35 that would need to be paid prior to our office completing the forms.  We will contact you once the forms are completed and ready to be picked up.