Preventive Care

Preventive Care is commonly known as “Yearly Physical” or “Well Child Check”. This type of visit is performed once a year in order to prevent illness or detect early signs of disease onset.

An annual physical consists of the following:

History– A review of the patient’s lifestyle, alcohol and tobacco use, immunization status, surgical and medical history, and family history.

Vital Signs– The patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiration rate will be obtained.

General Appearance– The provider will observe the patient’s alertness, memory, speech, gait, and skin for any signs of abnormality.

Physical Exam-The provider will listen to the patient’s heart sounds and lung sounds.  They will check the patient’s eyes, ears, nose, and throat.  They will feel the patient’s neck looking for anything abnormal.  They will palpate the patient’s abdomen checking for any signs of pain or other areas of concern.  A neurological exam will also be performed.  This will be the provider checking reflexes, gait, mental status, and coordination.  The patient’s skin will be examined for any moles or lesions that might be of concern for cancer.  Finally, the provider will check the extremities for pulses to ensure good blood flow, as well as joints for any pain or other abnormalities.

-Male:  A prostate exam will typically be performed for a man over the age of 40.        This is to look for any prostate enlargement or masses.  A testicular exam will also be performed to check for possible hernias or testicular masses.

-Female:  If the patient does not see an Ob-Gyn for their annual exams, then a breast exam will be done looking for any breast discharge, skin discoloration, or masses.  A pap smear may also be done depending on the patient’s individual medical history.

Diagnostic Testing– At MacGregor Family Physicians we perform certain tests as a part of a yearly physical, that We consider being routine.  The bloodwork we order is a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry panel, lipid panel, thyroid panel, prostate antigen (male over 40), and a urinalysis.  An EKG is also performed.

If any other concerns are discussed, or if during any part of the exam some abnormality is discovered, and the provider has to further investigate or initiate treatment for the patient.  Then an office visit will be billed in addition to the physical exam.

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