Stress Echo

A stress test also known as an exercise treadmill test is a diagnostic tool used to evaluate the functioning of your heart while under stress. It can show how effectively your heart is pumping blood or any signs of abnormal heart rhythms.

A stress echocardiogram is a stress test with the addition of ultrasound imaging of your heart both before the stress test and after.  This gives the provider further information on the pumping of your heart and can show any structural issues or narrowing of the arteries.

Both exams are performed under the supervision of the provider.  You will be walking/running on a treadmill in order to “stress” your heart.  You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  Do not eat a very heavy meal prior to your test. If you take any beta-blockers make sure to discuss with your provider when you should stop this medication prior to testing.

Our stress tests last about 30 minutes and are scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday.  A stress echocardiogram lasts about an hour and is scheduled only on Wednesdays.

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